The «Once-In-A-Lifetime» Experience at Yellowstone National Park:  150 Bison Encircle A Vehicle

The Broyles family from Tennessee had an unexpected welcome on the park’s entry road while exploring Yellowstone National Park.
A bison herd that was seen on camera meandered along the highway, obstructing traffic, and numbering around 150, before engulfing the Broyles’ Vehicle.

As they watched the bison pass, the couple once more shouted, «This is absurd,» describing it as a once-in-a-lifetime event.
I wonder whether [other] people are as flipped off as we are, Mrs. Broyles stated in the video.

According to experts, bison in Yellowstone Park are accustomed to seeing automobiles and even seem to «know the right-of-way» while crossing highways. According to the park’s website, “Be patient for bison to find their way off the road, or just simply travel around them.”

Please reserve the honking for the city.

The 4,680 bison that live on the 2,221,766 acres of Yellowstone National Park may weigh up to 2,000 pounds each.
Bison can sprint up to 30 mph and are violent animals.

Yellowstone has had a record-breaking rush of tourists since since all gates were opened for the 2021 travel season.

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