Pitbull with one ear who transformed his favorite toy into a replica of himself finds a father

The SPCA of Wake County in North Carolina is home to Bruno, a dog with one ear who chose to make his «best buddy» resemble him. And as a result, he now has a father to take care of him.

Once the SPCA of Wake County posted pictures of the dog with his freshly one-eared stuffed toy, images of Bruno’s creation quickly went viral.

The shelter said on Facebook, «Bruno tore one of the ears off his beloved stuffed toy—the same ear he’s missing himself.» The employee who discovered it was shocked and decided to show the rest of the crew by taking these pictures.

The team revealed that Bruno’s history had been much less amusing and that his ear loss was the furthest thing from adorable.
The shelter stated, «Bruno used to live chained up outside, and when another dog attacked him, his ear was ripped off because he couldn’t run away.»

Yet, Bruno is confident that he is in good health and can now use his closest buddy as evidence. Bruno, you are wonderful just the way you are. Bruno «came from a terrible position,» according to the SPCA, where he was chained outside all year long, through «cold winters» and «hot N.C. summers,» and was unable to find relief from his misery.

His outside life also had an effect on his health. «Bruno has heartworm disease from spending so much time outside, but with your kind donations, SPCA Wake will be able to cover the complete cost of his treatment over the next months! Unfortunately, heartworm illness, which is serious and often lethal, affects hundreds of shelter dogs in North Carolina every year, making it extremely difficult for them to find homes.

Bruno is polite and lovely despite the difficulties he has had, the shelter instantly noted. Despite his pouty eyes, he is a very cheerful and loving man, and his tail never stops wagging. You would never know he had such a difficult beginning to life. Staff from the SPCA spoke to FOX10. He is charming, clever, and well-behaved.

They continued by saying that he still enjoys other dogs and is friendly with everyone. Bruno’s adorable pictures became viral online, and the original post was shared on Facebook more than 50,000 times. After reading Bruno’s tale, one guy concluded that the dog was the one for him.

The SPCA announced the joyful good news by writing, «And just like that, Bruno has a new dad.» Of course, his matching plush must accompany him so they may be friends forever. As the SPCA said in Bruno’s Freedom Walk video, the toy followed Bruno and went with him.

The animal shelter said, «Bruno’s adopter loves him just the way he is and pledged to give Bruno nothing but unconditional love for the rest of his life.»

Donations can be made at spcawake.org/donate to assist with Bruno’s care and the preservation of other heartworm-infected canines.

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