Chinese dog breeds: the 5 most interesting ones directly from the East

We may not know it, but some of them come directly from the Far East: all the most interesting Chinese dog breeds in the wild.

Chinese dog breeds: the Chow Chow
Most peculiar and interesting Chinese dog breeds: the Chow Chow (Photo Pinterest)
Some of the Chinese dog breeds are quite popular among us, while others are completely unknown. Some of them have ancient origins, dating back thousands and thousands of years and, for this very reason, they still have ‘primitive’ behaviors. That’s why before adopting one of these Chinese dogs, it is better to understand well what their needs are, so as to learn how to be their perfect master and have a wonderful four-legged friend. Let’s discover them all!

Chinese dog breeds: some curiosities about them
Did you know that the Pug is a Chinese dog and even dates back to the Han Dynasty, the one that ruled China in the period between 200 B.C. to 220 A.D.? It was during the period of the Middle Kingdom that the process of domestication of dogs began, especially by the local nobility and elite. But which are the breeds of Chinese dogs that collect the specimens with the most particular and interesting characteristics? Here they all are.

Adopt a Pug

Probably one of the most popular dog breeds of Chinese origin in the world: the pug has been bred in ancient China since its origins as a pet, and it knows how to fulfill its role perfectly, it seems!

In fact, the greatest desire of a pug is just to be at our side and make us happy; it doesn’t need much exercise and can adapt perfectly to apartment life as well. Whoever adopts one will have the perfect life companion, one of the easiest breeds to train and suitable for any family, even with children or inexperienced owners (but with patience and good will).

Negative aspects? Like all of us, they have some too (even if we cannot speak of ‘defects’): they tend to lose a lot of hair, and being brachycephalic dogs they can easily suffer from respiratory problems, given their flat muzzle. Better not to make them tired and fatigued too much, if we want him always in good health when we adopt him. Veterinary care for pugs could be quite demanding and expensive, if we don’t treat them as well and constantly as they require.

Chinese Crested Dog: the ‘foreign’ dog
Very popular in China, but its origins are in another continent: we are talking about the Chinese Crested Dog, or better known as the ‘Chinese Crested Dog’.

Its history seems to begin in the days of Chinese merchants, who brought them home on their ships when they returned from voyages in search of goods to trade, and who used them on board to keep rats away.

These specimens have a truly bizarre appearance: in the type of the hairless ones, they only have tufts on their tails, heads and lower legs. The long-haired ones, on the other hand, have hair all over their bodies. They are not endowed with great strength or energy, therefore they are particularly suitable as companion dogs for elderly people or for those who do not have much time for physical exercise, or who perhaps live in a small apartment and without outdoor space.

They are very discreet, but they love to run and want to be with their masters always and in any case. They are very friendly with everyone, even children. But they can easily suffer from skin problems, such as their tendency to sunburn, irritation and rashes. In winter, it is best to use dog clothing, such as a coat, to protect them from the harsh cold.

Xiasi Quan: the dog at risk of extinction
How to recognize it? By its shaggy white coat and its nose and ears usually pink in color. It is a very rare dog and not very popular except in the Chinese province of Guizhou: it is not by chance that this breed is unfortunately at risk of extinction.

They were initially bred for hunting, in fact they are dogs with a strong predatory instinct, so much so that they are not suitable for those who already have other small pets. However, this does not mean that they are not loyal and affectionate with their human family members. Their desire is to make their owner happy, as well as being very receptive and therefore easy to train.

They are also patient and playful, so suitable for families with children: they will also be perfect ‘guardians’ for them, as they are extremely devoted to the pack and very protective. Precisely for this reason, it is important to have them follow canine socialization paths from puppyhood, so that they are trained well, to avoid behavioral problems when they are older.


Xiasi Quans have a great reserve of energy. They love to join their owners in running, biking, and going for long walks or hikes. They are not suited to ‘couch potato’ owners and need lots of daily exercise to be happy. Their ideal owner must love the outdoors and be a very active person.

They don’t lose a lot of hair, but their fur tends to get dirty easily (best to inquire first about the care and cleaning of a white-coated dog). We must be aware of this: keeping them clean is quite challenging.

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