Why do cats wash themselves before sleeping? Everything you should know

Have you noticed your Kitty cleaning herself before going to bed? Here’s why cats wash themselves before bedtime.

We are all aware of how felines are the cleanest animals in the world and how much they value their hygiene. However, those who live with a four-legged friend tend to observe their every behavior and ask questions to get to know their feline better.

Such as wondering why the kitty cleans himself before going to bed. Let’s see in this article why cats wash before sleeping.

Why does the cat wash before sleeping?
Felines care a lot about the cleanliness of their body, so much so that they are really obsessed with it.

In fact, our four-legged friends spend at least 4-5 hours a day licking, biting and gnawing on parts of their body in order to always be well cleaned.

Moreover, his obsession with cleanliness can lead Kitty to present really bizarre behaviors in our eyes, such as cleaning himself after being stroked.

However, we can notice our furry friend, clean himself even before going to rest, why is that? Why do cats wash before going to sleep? Not all felines show this behavior, however, there are 3 reasons why a cat might wash before resting.

For habit
Felines, just like us humans, can maintain certain habits born at a young age, such as washing before going to sleep.

Let’s not forget that our four-legged friends when they are young spend time with their mothers, and the latter starts licking them to wash them.

Most probably, the kitten who washes before resting will have been licked by his mother at a young age before going to sleep. If such a situation was enjoyed by the cat as a child, he will most likely continue to do it on his own once he grows up.

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For an environmental factor
Another reason why a cat decides to wash before going to sleep concerns the environment in which it lives.

Let’s say that our furry friend lives in a dusty and often dirty environment, the feline will tend to wash at any time to stay clean, so even before going to sleep.

If, on the other hand, Kitty lives in a clean and tidy environment, he might voluntarily choose the moments in which to take care of his hygiene, before going to sleep or even just after waking up.

To keep the sleeping area clean
Just as a human prefers to wash himself to remove dirt before going to bed, a cat may also clean himself to remove any debris and dirt accumulated throughout the day.

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So our four-legged friend can wash before going to sleep, simply to keep his sleeping area clean, especially if the feline has a kennel or its own bed.


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