The tulip park in Holland: here is the opening period

Reopens the most famous park of Holland: it is the place par excellence where you can admire live the flowering of tulips and not only.

Most famous park in Holland
The tulip park in Holland: here is the opening period. Credits Pixabay
The Dutch park is preparing to reopen its doors and show again to the general public, in fact, the flowering of its typical flowers is getting closer and closer. At home it is one of the most heartfelt expectations and not only: the place I’m talking about is the Keukenhof park. Specifically, it is located not too far from the capital Amsterdam and with its 32 hectares it boasts an unmissable natural spectacle.

A flowering you can’t miss: it’s a unique show
With its approximately 7 million bulbous flowers, the Keukenhof park during the flowering period shows itself in all its beauty, it is one of those events that a person should witness, a unique moment for the eyes.

The park you can not miss if you go to Holland
The tulip park in Holland: here is the opening period. Credits Pixabay
Dutch tulips are known all over the world, the park has four greenhouses that offer a large collection of tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, orchids, roses, carnations, irises, lilies and other flowers. But what is the period that we must pin to witness such beauty? The specific date is March 24. In fact, on this day the park will reopen to the public and will remain open until the date of May 15. The days are not so many, they are 8 weeks, but that is exactly the time when sight and smell will reach a new sensory level.
You have to know that the existence of this park goes back a long way, we talk about the 15th century, in fact it opened its gates from 1950.

Not only flowers
Despite the beauty of the flowers in the park, the beauty of this place does not end with the blooms. In fact, every year this place hosts several exhibitions that revolve around its main theme. In the past years there have been themes such as Flower Power, Dutch Design and Van Gogh, but the theme of the 72nd edition will be the Flower Classic.
Most likely this 2022 the park will give the possibility to be visited physically in presence, but in all likelihood there will be restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic. We recommend consulting the official website to get all the information about it.

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