The beach of pink flamingos: where to have a special bath (PHOTO)

One of the wonder places in the world: the pink flamingo beach, bathed by a tropical sea. It is a true paradise on earth. It is located in the Caribbean Sea, on the island of Aruba, a nation belonging to the Netherlands.

Aruba rises to north of the coasts of Venezuela, defiladed in comparison to the archipelago of the Antilles, near the islands of Curaçao and Boanaire. The three islands, deployed off the coast of Venezuela, are called ABC Islands, from the initials of their names.

Aruba is commonly included in the Netherlands Antilles, although it is far from the archipelago and as a nation separated from it in 1986. The Caribbean island is a popular tourist destination, home to numerous villages, resorts and beaches coveted by tourists from all over the world. A true paradise on earth, with white beaches, palm trees and lush vegetation, clear waters, turquoise and crystal clear, resorts with quaint bungalows and everything for relaxation, wellness and fun. On the island you can choose to bask in the sun or fall asleep in a hammock in the shade of the palms, or practice one of the many sports activities organized, on all the diving to discover its extraordinary backdrops.

The tourist area of Aruba is located on the northwest coast of the island, with the most important beaches: Palm Beach and Eagle Beach. The capital of Aruba is the city of Oranjestad, with the characteristic colorful buildings in Caribbean style. The capital hosts the international airport, where flights from Europe arrive from Amsterdam, London and Barcelona; while from the United States flights arrive here from New York and Miami. The island of Aruba enjoys an excellent climate and can be visited in any month of the year, the period with the greatest flow is from January to March. Above all, hurricanes do not arrive here.

Having made these introductory remarks about Aruba, we now want to tell you about the main reason for this article: the beautiful pink flamingo beach, which is located right in Aruba, on a small island that rises in front of its shores: Renaissance Island.

Pink Flamingo Beach on the island of Aruba
Renaissance Island is a coral island that sits in front of the west coast of Aruba, right in front of the Oranjestad airport. The island measures 16 hectares and consists of a long strip of land, covered with sand and palm trees, is private. Here are the only private beaches of Aruba: Iguana Beach and Flamingo Beach. The latter, as the name implies, is the beach of pink flamingos, the real attraction of the island, where you can swim with flamingos walking free among the bathers. To make the place even more attractive for diving enthusiasts, two old military planes were sunk off Renaissance Island: a Beechcraft 18 and a Convair 400, at a depth of over 40 meters.

On the island you can walk along with flamingos, left free to roam and often in search of food, perfectly at ease among humans. What will please those looking for a bit of tranquility is the exclusion of children from Renaissance Island, its exclusive beaches are reserved for adults. No children are allowed. A very common policy in tourist resorts frequented by Anglo-Saxons. Only adults can quietly admire the spectacle of pink flamingos walking on the white beach with the background of the bright turquoise sea and crystal clear.

Renaissance Island can be visited every day from 7 to 19, here there are no hotels, but only bathing establishments with everything you need to stay on the beach and catering services. The most beautiful spectacle is to admire the sunset over the sea from Flamingo Beach, the beach is facing west, with the pink of the sky that blends with that of the flamingos.

The access to Renaissance Island is limited and you have to pay: no more than thirty people per day can arrive on the island and you pay a ticket of $ 99. You can reach the private island with speedboats departing from the nearby coast of Aruba, which take a few minutes in the crossing.

In addition to flamingos, Renaissance Island is home to numerous iguanas, hence the name of the other beach, Iguana Beach. A variety of sports can be enjoyed on the island, from tennis to diving. There is also a spa for relaxation and body care. Weddings are held on the island.

The map of Renaissance Island

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