The 5 most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica to visit at least once in your life

Costa Rica, a small Central American country full of paradisiacal beaches, is famous for its natural and unspoiled beauty, tropical climate, and extremely welcoming people.

It’s no wonder that 8 of the 10 best beaches in Central America are in Costa Rica, and that the famous playa of Manuel Antonio in the Costa Rican Pacific makes the list of the 25 most beautiful beaches in the world.

where to go in Costa Rica
Here’s a list of the 5 best beaches in Costa Rica to absolutely visit during your visit to the country of pura vida
This list was developed based on the Tripadvisor portal, one of the most famous tourism platforms in the world, where tourists rate each destination and give a score and recommendations for each place visited.

1. Playa Manuel Antonio
The most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica: Manuel Antonio
Manuel Antonio beach
Manuel Antonio beach is located in Manuel Antonio National Park, and is ranked among the 25 best beaches in the world.

This beach is characterized by fine white sand, and for being a virgin paradise away from civilization inhabited by numerous howler monkeys.
Here, you can also pitch a tent and spend the night by the sea illuminated by the stars.

2. Playa Tamarindo among the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica

Tamarindo beach, located in the province of Guanacaste, is ranked fourth among the 10 best beaches in Central America and is famous for being one of the best beaches in Costa Rica to practice water activities such as surfing.

Besides its beautiful beach, Tamarindo offers much more: characterized by a multicultural environment, it is the most chosen destination for young people looking for adventure and nightlife.

3. Playa Santa Teresa
Among the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica we also find the beach of Santa Teresa, north of Puntarenas, which — just as in the case of Tamarindo — is among the best beaches in Costa Rica to surf and venture between horseback riding, trekking and canopy.

Here the sand is white and fine, but often the sea current is so strong that it becomes difficult to enjoy a swim in total relaxation.

4. Puerto Viejo

Although Costa Rica’s beaches located on the Pacific coast are at the top of the list, Puerto Viejo stands out for its unparalleled Caribbean beauty, delicious food and cultural diversity.

Featuring a wide variety of reasonably priced bars, nightclubs and restaurants, Puerto Viejo is the most visited place in Costa Rica’s Caribbean.

This quaint little town also stands out for being a surfer’s paradise, its clean beaches and relaxed atmosphere.

Must-see locations in Puerto Viejo include Cahuita National Park, Talamaca Indigenous Reserve, and Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge.

5. Samara

Moving back to the Pacific coast, we head to Samara Beach in the province of Guanacaste.

Known for being a safe and always sunny small town with pristine beaches and perfect scenery, Samara is the ideal place for relaxing trips with family or couples.

Here, along the five kilometers of beach, you will find a wide variety of exotic plants and animals, along with an impressive coral reef located offshore.

Just a short boat ride away from the village is the beautiful and remote island of Chora, which is definitely worth a visit.


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