Sharm El Sheikh, guide: what to see and do in the Red Sea

The guide to Sharm El Sheikh: suggestions on what to do and what to see in the Red Sea resort in Egypt

The Egyptian resort overlooking the Red Sea, Sharm El Sheikh, is one of the best destinations for a vacation full of sun, relaxation and fun, is the perfect retreat away from the daily routine immersed in an enchanting nature. Sharm El Sheikh is one of those places that will not disappoint you whatever your idea of a vacation is. If you just want to relax and sunbathe, all you have to do is relax on one of its beaches; if you love nature, you can dive and admire one of the most beautiful seabeds in the world; you will be surrounded by desert and your gaze will be lost between the sea and the mountains; you can go on excursions to places full of magic and history. In short, you will find everything you want in Sharm.

Sharm, as well as the entire Red Sea coast, is perfect in every season of the year, but it is in spring and early autumn that it is at its best: the sea water is pleasantly warm and the air is warm without being hot. And Sharm offers a wide choice of entertainment: from water sports such as diving to admire the coral reef to parks, casinos and shopping. In Sharm you will find from the most famous brands to the refined local handicrafts.

Not to be underestimated then is the economic aspect. Sharm is a rather economical city and even its luxurious resorts have more than affordable prices. On the other hand, after the dramatic terrorist attacks, Sharm experienced a very difficult period where tourism was almost absent. Now people are returning to Sharm accomplice in addition to the beauty of the place also a very interesting economic offer.

What to see and do in Sharm El Sheikh

Sea, sun or adventure. Whatever you are looking for in Sharm you will find it. You can relax on the beach and then dive to admire what has been called the Aquarium of Allah for its incredible beauty; you can wander around the markets, walk along Na’ama Bay and admire the sunset at Tiba; you can then leave for a safari in the desert or go to see the Pyramids or Mount Sinai. And then you can go wild in the nights of Sharm between discos and clubs.

Diving is definitely one of the activities to do once you get to Sharm El Sheikh and don’t worry, there are activities for all levels. From admiring the micro-world of the Tiran Reef to snorkeling among colorful fish to diving next to the wreck of the RMS Thistlegorm. All the resorts offer snorkeling lessons or trips: accompanied by a guide you can see the most beautiful marine life.

If you like sun and sunbathing, you’ve obviously come to the right place. The most famous beach — and consequently the most frequented — is Naama Bay, the ideal place for those who want to go snorkeling. If, on the other hand, you are looking for tranquility, the beach for you is Sharks Bay.

A safari in the desert (there are packages with trips of 1 or more days) is an experience to try: take a tea in a tent with the Bedouins, take a quad bike ride in the dunes or a walk on the back of a camel.

Sharm is also History and one of the places to see is the Monastery of St. Catherine, which in addition to being a testimony dating back to 600 offers a spectacular view of Sinai. Climbing Mount Sinai is another activity to do: you can enjoy an unparalleled view in a place full of history and spirituality.

Then there are the amusement parks such as the CleoPark, an immense water park and the Thousand and One Nights, located in Ras Um Sid, another gigantic amusement park.

The climate in Sharm El Sheikh: when to go

Sharm El Sheikh enjoys a subtropical desert climate, that is, with lots of sunshine and very little or no rainfall. At most there are 1 or 2 rainy days a year! Winters are very mild and summers are very hot with temperatures in July and August reaching 40 degrees. In winter, between January and February, the highs are around 22 degrees maximum and 13/14 degrees minimum. Rarely the minimums can drop below 10 degrees. Spring is very pleasant with warm but bearable highs, maximums around 30 degrees and minimums around 20 degrees. Summer is torrid: in July and August temperatures reach 45 degrees, although the dry air makes the heat just more bearable. From September temperatures decrease but in November the temperatures are still very warm around 26 degrees. The sun, as mentioned, shines for about 365 days a year. Only occasional sandstorms can obscure the sun for a few hours.

The best period to go to Sharm El Sheikh is from April to November, with a preference for April-May and September-October and mid-November. In these months in fact the heat is intense without being torrid. Another interesting fact of Sharm is the temperature of the sea water that is always pleasantly warm, a little less pleasant in August when it reaches 28 degrees! Better in April when with its 23 degrees it is perfect for a nice swim.


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