Japan: discovering Momijigari and the autumn foliage

Momijigari, the foliage tradition in Japan: what it is and where to admire it.

Autumn lovers who longed for the arrival of this season to see the leaves change color and nature turn into a beautiful flaming red carpet will be satisfied with the Momijigari. Soon in fact, the trees will begin to change color and there are some places where this phenomenon is wonderful. For example, in Japan at this time of year starts the Momijigari which literally means «hunting maple». This tree is one of those that change color the most in autumn and then every year the Japanese, but also many tourists start this Momijigari or trips in search of red, yellow and gold colors of nature at this time of year.

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What is the Momijigari?

This phenomenon of Momijigari, elsewhere simply called foliage, in Japan is particularly spectacular because you can see a sharp contrast between the urbanization of the city and nature that peacefully follows its course by changing color and transforming. The Momijigari is so important in Japan that every day when the period of the change of color of the leaves begins, the television news give mini-news about it, explaining the change of color of the leaves and the tonalities on which the trees focus. A color bulletin in short. Everything, after all, depends on the climate: if the temperature changes between one season and another are intense, then the leaves will have an even brighter color. So every year is different and you never know what kind of Momijigari you will encounter.

Where to admire the Momijigari in Japan?
If you are looking for areas where, more than others, you can see the phenomenon of Momijigari, know that there are some interesting as the Kansai, but also in the heart of Tokyo there are many city parks and a few kilometers from the center there are forests and wild vegetation. The same goes for Osaka, Kyoto, Nara… in short, wherever you look in Japan there are wonderful places where you can admire the foliage and nature that in a simple way changes color and changes its appearance before the astonished eyes of locals and tourists who flock to Japan every year for the traditional Momijigari.

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