The world’s oldest bridges: works that have seen the history

Bridges are works of engineering that have marked our history: structures that are not only useful but also profoundly beautiful. Let’s discover the oldest bridges in the world.

Bridges do not only have the practical task of connecting two points, over the centuries they have marked our civilization. Since ancient times bridges have been erected allowing cultures to make huge strides towards progress. That’s why getting to know the world’s oldest bridges isn’t just an insider’s activity, but attractions that strike a chord with anyone who lays eyes on them.

The 3 oldest Roman bridges
The world’s oldest bridges: works that have seen history. Credits A. Stock
Of course, making a bridge, especially in the past could not have been a simple task, but a simple look is enough to grasp all their importance.

The oldest bridges in the world: effective and extraordinary works
Behind the symbol of the bridge lies a real world that has allowed our civilization to arrive right here where we are now, that’s why as we visit castles and architectural works of the past it is right to give a space to these extraordinary works that have a unique charm, especially in contrast to the hectic reality that surrounds us. Here are the 3 oldest bridges in the world.

Pont du Gard
Bridge of Alcántara

Pont du Gard: World Heritage Site
Let’s start with France, here we have the famous Pont du Gard, a real engineering monument that stands as an active witness of the Romans, UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in 1985, and today it is the most visited ancient monument in Europe and the most important cultural step for Europe. It dominates the Gardon River with a height of 49 meters and a length of 275 meters, and does so with great elegance.

Alcántara Bridge: not just a bridge but a model
An example of Roman engineering is the Alcántara Bridge, which crosses the Tagus River. The Alcántara Bridge was built between the years 103 and 104, commissioned by Emperor Trajan. This exceptional work is composed of six arches and perfectly combines technique with a strong aesthetic sense. With its imposing pillars with buttresses and arches, it is a type of bridge that has also been replicated in other fine works.

The 3 oldest Roman bridges

The world’s oldest bridges: works that have seen history. Credits A. Stock
Cendere: the most important bridge in Turkey
We arrive in Turkey, here the Romans near the city of Arsameia have built an incredible Roman bridge by the name of Cendere, we are in the second century AD, this work was erected, as we can learn from the Latin inscription to celebrate the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus. With its four Corinthian columns in the beginning, today there are only three left but it has become a living part of one of the most important national parks in Turkey, becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The oldest bridges in the world have so much to offer and they do it silently, just a careful and respectful visit, with their presence are witnesses of an era that was instrumental in having the world we know today.


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