Little Island: New York’s new futuristic park

Little Island, a floating, futuristic-looking park in downtown New York.

On May 21, Little Island, a small, unusual-looking park located in the Hudson River Park area of New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, was officially opened.

Aesthetically, it has a lot to tell. The «little island» is supported by 132 pillars of hard reinforced concrete and is literally suspended in the water as if it were floating freely.

When to visit? After spending a long day in museums, shopping in Times Square and enjoying a view of the city from the Empire State Building, you can’t miss New York’s new park. Little Island is just a few miles from the great Empire State Building. The Little Island Park is totally free, but before you go you must book your visit on the official website.

Where exactly is Little Island, New York little island new york
Where exactly is Little Island, New York
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The project: the history of the park
In 2013, entrepreneur Barry Diller, in partnership with the Hudson River Park Trust, began investing in this project (more than $250 million). The goal was to reactivate Pier 54, which was damaged, also in 2013, by Hurricane Sandy.

Diller intended to bring the pier back to its splendor and to do so he relied on great experts in the arts: Stephen Daldry, Scott Rudin, Kate Horton and George H.Wolfe. Diller, in fact, did not want to create a park like all the others, but a place where New Yorkers and all the citizens of the world could spend their time relaxing surrounded by greenery and the wonderful works of art of great artists.

Obviously the project didn’t end here, the team of artists headed by Diller and the Hudson River Park, by mutual agreement, selected great design professionals: Heatherwick Studio and MNLA to give the park the right innovative touch and an appealing look.

Little Island was built following a large joint project of great experts in the field. The ultimate goal was to create a park that resembles a «little leaf floating in the water.» Everyone, citizens and tourists, can take a city break and spend a couple of hours in contact with nature and art, on a small island, so beautiful and futuristic that it seems like a dream.

What to expect from the park
The small floating leaf is a small paradise on earth. You can walk, bike, run, lie in the sun, skate, admire the wonderful species of trees and flowers that inhabit the park and finally participate in events at low prices or, in most cases, totally free.

Barry Diller has already stated that the summer of 2021 will include a large slew of events such as shows, dances and concerts, and he has assured that most will be totally free or cost a few dollars. In addition, Diller, has asserted that his foundation will bear the cost of running the park for the next 20 years.

Unique recreational activities
The futuristic park organizes numerous recreational activities every week. Don’t miss the «Creative Break» activity held every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and every Thursday and Sunday at 11 a.m. Children, families and all visitors can participate in art classes with teachers and artists from New York City museums.

Creative Break isn’t the only recreational activity. Participate in the «Little Library» and every Friday you can borrow a book and read it from the comfort of the green. Don’t miss the «New Victory Lab Works,» held every Sunday from 3 p.m., where you can enjoy small exhibitions dedicated to the works of emerging artists from The New Victory Theater.


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