Now you can see 50 thousand tulips — planted in lockdown — staying in Italy

A field of wonderful tulips just a stone’s throw from home: the Euganean tulips are waiting for you.

If we think of immense fields of colorful tulips, Holland immediately comes to mind. Time to buy a plane ticket and you have already landed, ready to fill your eyes with colors and natural beauty unique in their kind. This time, however, we’re going to nip it in the bud: you don’t need to board a plane to see the tulip fields in all their splendor, you just need to stay in Italy, precisely in the province of Padua.

That Italy was a nation predisposed to the growth and flowering of tulips we knew. Fields of these wonderful flowers there are many, but among the many of which we have often spoken, one of our favorites is undoubtedly that of Luvigliano, in the heart of the Euganean Hills in the province of Padua.

The tulips of the Euganean Hills are a wonderful sight. Imagine a field of 50 thousand flowering bulbs that give an image worthy of an impressionist painting. Walking in this magical place you can meet 16 different varieties of tulips, arranged on 13 rows, giving an impressive view.

This is a new reality, born during the pandemic that allows you to experience nature and tulip fields in a different way. During the lockdown period, the owner of the land, Marco Dainese, planted all the bulbs, digging the holes one by one. And those who come to visit the Euganean Hills tulips will be able to pick up 2 to take home as a reminder of this wonderful day.

When to see the tulips in bloom?
When to go? We don’t know! Opening the official website there is a warning: «The field is still closed. At the moment we are not able to predict the exact period of flowering, it could start in the first days of April, everything will depend on the weather in the coming weeks […] The notice of opening of reservations will be given through social channels.»

Nature in fact does not respond to the needs of tourists and then, to walk among the tulips we will have to wait for nature to take its course.


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