The most spectacular road to see in Italy at least once in a lifetime

Where to go in spring to see a beautiful landscape among the most beautiful in the world. The road to travel at least once in your life

Green hills, a white road that cuts them gently, cypress trees on the edge and a village in the distance. This is one of the most beautiful and famous images of Italy, is located in one of the most spectacular places in our country, Tuscany, and is one of the roads to be traveled at least once in a lifetime.

An iconic road, famous and beautiful, unmissable in spring and summer. In fact, with the beautiful season this road becomes a painting of vivid colors. In addition, you can stay outdoors to drink a good glass of red and enjoy this view. Here is where is the most beautiful road to see in spring and where to stop.

The most beautiful road in Italy to see in spring
Tuscany is a succession of beautiful villages and enchanting landscapes, history and art. In spring you just have to take the car and go around to find yourself immersed in places that take your breath away for their beauty. But perhaps the most suggestive place and the most beautiful road to see in spring, the one to drive at least once in your life is the Leonina Road, in the Crete Senesi area.

We are located in the surroundings of Siena in that area defined as the Crete Senesi — where there are villages such as Asciano and Rapolano Terme — famous for its gullies and biancane. The latter shine on sunny days with their whiteness while the gullies cut the ground. In this palette of colors there is the yellow of the wheat, the green of the meadows and the intense blue of the sky.

Driving along these roads you will feel like being inside a postcard or in one of those movies that tell the wonder of Tuscany. Here in fact you will meet everything: art, history, abbeys, churches, villages, taste the typical flavors and enjoy spectacular views.

The route along the most beautiful road in Italy in spring
To drive along the most beautiful road in Italy to see at least once in your life, start from Siena in the direction of Asciano. This is the Leonina road along which you can admire the characteristic white roads with cypress trees along the edge that descend gently along the hills.

Asciano is an ancient village and its countryside has always been cultivated with wheat. Here there were many mills. You can still admire the Mulino dei Preti dating back to the year 1000. To see Borgo Beccanella surrounded by cypresses.

Asciano, piazza del Grano
From Asciano continue towards Rapolano Terme where you can pamper yourself with a day at the spa. Resume the road in the direction of Monteroni d’Arbia. At the gates of this beautiful village that joins the Val d’Orcia to the area of Siena is one of the most famous fortified mills, the Grancia di Cuna of 1300. Here also passes the Via Francigena and you can admire a small medieval church of 1315, the Church of Saints Jacopo and Christopher.

Continue on the SR2 and descend towards the south. You will find the beautiful village of Buon Convento, one of the most beautiful in Italy with its perfectly preserved medieval walls. From here make a detour to the Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore: to get there you will see beautiful gullies and to enter you will have to pass along a drawbridge.

Take the road again and you will arrive in Bagni Vignoni and then Bagni San Filippo. Here you can relax at the natural and free thermal baths among the most beautiful in Italy. Before Bagno Vignoni you can detour to Pienza and Montepulciano thus entering the Vald’Orcia. Otherwise continue to Radicofani that stands out with its fortress. A perfect place to admire the surrounding landscape.

In all, the itinerary is about 100 km that takes you for a walk in one of the most beautiful areas of Italy. But it will be enough just to drive the road between Siena and Asciano to immerse yourself in a fairy tale place, a place and a road to see at least once in your life.



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