The most beautiful volcano in the world is in Italy: let’s find out which one it is

A volcano is not only a natural monument to be admired at a due distance. The most beautiful one is located in Italy and offers a lot to those who decide to visit it.

Deciding to visit a volcano is an experience that is not only specific but also unique. It is a type of setting that offers unique views and ecosystems. If you want to discover the most beautiful in the world, you don’t have to go far. In fact, it is our dear Etna that has won the prize of the most beautiful volcano to visit.

Exploring volcanoes: this is the most beautiful in the world and is located in Italy
The most beautiful volcano in the world is Italian. Credits Adobe Stock
Etna’s beauty has been recognized by Travel+Leisure, a prestigious and highly regarded travel magazine, has placed it in the very first place among the 15 breathtaking excursions to do in the world.

Etna is the most beautiful volcano in the world
Etna is an imposing volcano that has made a breach in many tourists, who every year devote, in every season, time in the discovery of this natural beauty. It has a wild side that attracts and knows how to leave unique emotions, giving way to the traveler after passing its characteristic craters to look at the world from another perspective.

Etna needs no introduction, as it is the symbol not only of Sicily but also of Italy as a whole. With its area of 19,237 hectares, it is located on the eastern coast of the region. But it is not only a beautiful volcano to discover, it also has another title: the highest mountain in the Mediterranean with the most active stratovolcano in the world.
It is a volcano with a very ancient history, in fact it began 500,000 years ago, but there are records of only 2,700 years of activity.
The setting recalls the desert, but it is inhabited by many animals, especially in the lower areas: foxes, wild cats and dormice, martens, squirrels, porcupines, owls, bats, turtles and snakes.

It is an area of interest for those who love trekking and hiking but not only. In fact, summit craters, ash cones and lava flows have also captured the interest of many scientists.

Activities to do on Etna
As anticipated Etna is a destination already established and loved by many, in particular for the excursions it offers, with the organization of visits with mountain guides and volcanologists. For those who wish instead to face a visit in solitude, it is enough to leave the parking lot of Rifugio Sapienza and take directly the cableway up to the station on Etna.

In just one day you can do so many activities, such as getting to observe the summit craters, a very suggestive experience, but also walking in the Caldera of the Valle del Bove, and inside the Caldera of Etna. From here we could observe the most historical areas, but it is not over here there are also numerous tunnels and lava caves really impressive. At the top it goes without saying that what remains imprinted is the view, it is not even so challenging to get there. You can in fact undertake a great walk up to 3000 meters. Then you can take the cable car up to see some of the crater cones.

Etna is not only a volcano that serves as a backdrop to a beautiful land, it is also a real attraction of interest that deserves to be discovered, such an exploration you will not forget so soon.

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