Churches in nature, visiting them is an incredible experience: here are the best ones in Italy

If we combine the beauty of certain churches with nature, the result is an incredibly fascinating place. Let’s discover the best churches in nature.

If churches already possess a charm all their own without the need for support, churches in nature acquire a unique atmosphere and suggestions. From canonical churches, to sanctuaries or even hermitages immersed in the woods, are structures that recall the magic of fairy tales.

The most beautiful churches in nature to see in Italy
Churches in nature, visiting them is an incredible experience: here are the best. Credits A. Stock
You do not need to be a believer to be fascinated by these places, their charm goes beyond the culture and everything that gravitates around them. Let’s discover the best churches in nature and let us be enchanted.

The churches in the nature are magical places
We do not have to go very far to admire these religious structures in these totally natural environments, below are those that respond to these atmospheres.

Fortress of Calascio
Ascoli Piceno
Rocca di Calascio: the abandoned village
Rocca di Calascio is an abandoned village that boasts an incredible beauty. It is located not far from Campo Imperatore, in the Majella and the Sirente, we can see the Church of Santa Maria della Pietà, a structure that dates back to the sixteenth century. Visiting this place is equivalent to a real time travel, the panorama is really unique.

Ascoli Piceno: the baroque church in the stone
Moving to the Marche region, specifically to Ascoli Piceno, we can find the Sanctuary Tempietto di Sant’Emidio alle Grotte. This structure with its presence alone expresses the religious art in baroque style of the entire region. It is a place that lends itself well to spirituality and beauty, it is located near a necropolis and seems to emerge directly from the stone, the effect is incredible.

The most beautiful churches in the nature to see in Italy
Churches in nature, visiting them is an incredible experience: here are the best. Credits A. Stock
Castelpetroso: the sanctuary that looks like a castle
In Molise instead entering a forest, just like a fairy tale we could meet the Santuario dell’Addolorata in Castelpetroso. This place is very loved by tourists, in fact it boasts numerous visits every year. At a simple glance it might look like a large and majestic castle, but it is a religious structure with domes and spires that emerges from the green of nature.

Portovenere: the church overlooking the sea
On the Gulf of Poets in the town of Portovenere, we can admire the Church of San Pietro. This structure is perched on a small and narrow promontory that seems to overhang the sea, its location and its beauty makes this place poetic and very romantic.

Palermo: the sanctuary symbol
Let’s take a leap in Sicily, specifically in Palermo and discover the Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia, what emerges characterizes is its facade that emerges directly from the rocks of Monte Pellegrino. In addition to being beautiful is also a place of historical importance, in fact here were found the bones of the saint.
Trambileno: the hermitage from fantasy movie
The location of the Hermitage of St. Columbanus, in Trambileno, in the province of Trento is a fantasy film. It is right set in the slabs of rock at a height of 120 meters overhanging the Leno stream. This destination has ancient origins, it seems that its foundation dates back to 753. It is reached by climbing 102 steps that are carved into the wall.
Churches in nature are special places for any traveler who loves natural and artistic beauty: a winning combination that can only fascinate.

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