He impacts the entire square with a gigantic inscription

Initiative of the band Eugenio in Via di Gioia to celebrate the end of the health emergency

This morning the city of Turin woke up to a romantic surprise. A large white chalk writing covered the porphyry floor of Piazza San Carlo. Whoever made it wanted to leave this message: «I still love you». The phrase would not be addressed to a girl or a boy, but to life. It would have been made to celebrate the end of the Covid health emergency. It seems that the writing was made before 7 am this morning by a dozen of boys by the music group Eugenio in Via di Gioia from Turin. It also seems that the initiative has been authorized, even if it initially included a different text: «I love you planet». The phrase will be erased at the expense of the band: it will be taken care of by Amiat (company that provides soil cleaning services for the city of Turin) after a flash mob that will be held in the afternoon.

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