The cat returns to his beloved kitten, never to leave him again

The tabby cat returned to her beloved kitten and has not left her since. There is a special connection between them.

One kind person sent her to a safe place in time so that the cat would not have to give birth in the cold. The cat’s name was Giselle.

The contractions began a few days after she switched to overexposure.

Newborn kitten Bruno is a healthy boy, very noisy from the very beginning.

He immediately threw himself on his mother’s milk, showing a lot of vitality. But the next day everything changed when Giselle stopped eating and couldn’t take care of her kitten anymore.

She was rushed to the hospital, where it turned out that she had a serious infection. Bruno, the only surviving kitten. He had to be separated from his mother during a life-saving operation.

«After the surgery, Giselle felt much better and started eating again,» says Celine Krom of Chatons Orphelins Montreal. «When the time came, she was released and returned to the caretaker’s house, where the mother was reunited with her beloved son.»

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