The cat walked 20 km in search of its owners

Toby the cat ended up on the street because his beloved owners moved without taking him with them. The new house was located twenty kilometers from the past. Therefore, they hoped that the cat would not find them. But a few days later they found him on the doorstep.

Despite the heroism of the cat, the owners are still trying to get rid of it. They decided to euthanize the cat, but the veterinary clinic refused to do this and transferred him to a shelter.

Lynn cared about Toby’s story. The woman discovered that the cat was kicked out because he was constantly in conflict with other animals in the house. But she took him home anyway

Soon there was nothing left of Toby’s rebellious disposition. He turned out to be affectionate and gentle. With two other tailed animals, he behaved roughly. Lynn is very happy to meet a new friend.

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