Funny: a puppy stole about five kilograms of hot dogs from a butcher shop

Dogs can’t refuse to eat. They always have an appetite when it comes to delicious sausages. Sometimes they can even go and get them on their own, as this dog did.

Moises is a dog from Sao Paulo, Brazil, who was recently seen stealing 5 kilograms of hot dogs from a butcher shop. The four-legged friend was caught.He tried to run away from the scene with evidence in his teeth.

It’s not normal to see a dog on the street with a huge bag of sausages. Therefore, his owner was shocked when he realized that it was his pet walking with such prey in his teeth.
Despite the fact that it shocked the owner, but it was a comedy scene. According to the Daily Mail, it was the dog’s owner who recorded everything on his mobile phone to perpetuate this moment, which later became popular on social networks.

And because of his cunning and courage, Moises caused a lot of laughter on the Internet. In fact, the local dogs that passed by Moises barked at him when they saw him with this bag of sausages.

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