The best work of the photographer: he has been photographing squirrels for 6 years!

Swedish-Dutch photographer Gert Weggen has dedicated his life and work to wildlife photography.

For which he received a number of international awards.

One of his last big hobbies is squirrels! Red forest squirrels are so used to photo shoots that they allow him to create whole staged scenes! So let’s take a look.

The photographer recalls that it all started not with squirrels, but with a fox. Then, on the advice of his colleagues, he settles in a house on the edge of the forest and soon meets its inhabitants.

If you behave carefully and choose the time of dawn, when people are still sleeping and not making noise, you can notice a lot of animals near people’s homes.

It remains only to set up the equipment and be patient.

The squirrels appeared at a very good moment, when Gert had already gained experience in macro photography of animals and his veranda was furnished with cameras — it’s a miracle!


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