He returns every year: the penguin returns every year to the person who saved his life.

In 2011, 71-year-old Brazilian Joao Pereira de Souza from Rio de Janeiro discovered a dying Magellanic penguin on the seashore. The exhausted bird could not move, and its feathers were stained with oil.

The Brazilian brought the penguin home and began to take care of him. After the bird(its name was Dimdin

)came back to normal, Pereira de Souza released him into the wild.The penguin spent 11 months with the savior. After the change of plumage, the penguin disappeared, and a few months later returned to his savior.

Every year in June, the penguin returns to his friend’s house and lives with him until February. According to Joao, the penguin becomes more affectionate and happy every year when they meet.

Joao considers Dimdin a member of his family.

The Brazilian says that he has a special relationship with Dimdin, since the penguin leaves a thousand other penguins and comes to him for a long time. «I love the penguin like my own child, and I think the penguin loves me,» he said in an interview.

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