A puppy saved a pregnant woman

Six years ago, an event took place in the American Chirhart family, which became a family legend and marked the beginning of everything. Marley, already a 12-year-old Labrador retriever, saved her owner by giving her children a chance to be born.

Alas, the age of dogs is short-lived, and a year later he was gone.

But the Chirharts were prudent. They preserved his DNA. And now that their second daughter is growing up, they decided to return the dog to the family — in the form of a clone puppy.

That day they went for a walk around the neighborhood. The family has just moved from a cramped apartment in New York to a spacious house in California. Alicia was 4 months pregnant, and the whole family was enjoying the summer and nature.

Climbing the hill turned out to be more difficult than they thought.And at some point, the woman decided to take a stick as a walking stick. But as soon as she held out her hand, Marley jumped off the leash and threw himself on the stick.

There was an angry hiss, and they saw a rattlesnake exactly where Alicia was pulling the stick.

Pregnant, far from civilization, in an unknown area — it’s even scary to imagine what would happen if she was stung by a snake. They returned home under enormous emotional pressure.

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