Tiger or kitten? Photos of huge domestic cats that will make you uncomfortable

The size of some representatives of the feline family is so impressive that their greatness is immediately visible.Believe me, it is impossible not to notice them. Take a look at 10 pet cats that seem stunning.

This fluffy Maine Coon can be safely included in the list of the greatest representatives of the feline family. He can compete with lions, cheetahs and tigers.

It’s about the winter coat, which clearly gives this cute cat a fat look.

The size of the cat is similar to the size of a real lion. Only the color is completely different.

The name of this big cat is Aragon. The majestic name is very suitable for him.

The cat is clearly growing very fast. Soon it will simply cease to fit on the owner’s stomach.

Soft, beautiful and very big.

It must be hard for a girl to hold on to this fat guy.

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