The cat broke the world record for the number of tricks performed per minute

In Australia, a cat named Didja broke the world record by performing 20 tricks in one minute.

Unlike dogs, cats do not want to train; all the more amazing are the achievements of this cat.

The owner has taught her two dozen tricks, and she can perform them in record time.

The world record in this category was set last year. Recently, a video about an unusual animal was posted on the YouTube channel of the Book of Records.

A video about this achievement was posted on the channel of the Guinness Book of Records on YouTube, and in two days it was viewed more than 52,000 times.


In the video, Didja performs various commands given to her by the owner Robert. The cat has many skills, including hugging the owner and skateboarding.

Didja carefully follows all the instructions — gets up, lies down, spins, jumps and even rides a skateboard.

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