The cat «cries» into the CCTV camera when the owner leaves the house

We don’t often think that cats can miss us when we leave the house. We always assume that as soon as the front door closes, they start going about their business without worrying about our absence. However, some surveillance camera footage questioned this idea after the world got to know Fu Fu.

An adorable little feline animal, a British shorthair living in the city of Xuzhou in eastern China, has been dubbed an «abandoned cat» on social media after seeing him crying on camera.

Fu Fu was left at home alone by his owner, Mrs. Meng, when she went to her parents’ house to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Obviously, Fu Fu couldn’t go with her because he’s a shy little cat. The woman was worried that the kitten would feel anxious if she brought it to a completely new environment. Mrs. Meng thought he would be perfectly happy alone at home. Cats like to be alone, don’t they?

Well, it turns out that Fu Fu was not very happy about it.

Ms. Meng made sure to leave her beloved cat with plenty of food and water.In addition, she constantly watched him through the monitor. Suddenly she saw that the cat’s eyes were filled with tears!

The camera shots were posted on social media, where they went viral. It has received more than eight million likes.

Many people were touched by the cat’s reaction to the absence of its owner.The owner of the cat knew exactly what to do. She interrupted the trip to return home.

As she told the Daily Mail: «I was very upset when I saw it. I planned to stay with my parents for a week, but we all immediately returned to Xuzhou. »

As heartbreaking as the video is, Fu Fu fans will be glad to know that there is another video of a very happy Fu Fu running to Ms. Meng when she returns home.

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