An 11-year-old prodigy from Kharkiv set a record and passed the most difficult exam in English

Lev Bondarenko, a resident of Kharkiv, is only 11 years old. At this young age, the boy has already done something that many trained adults cannot do. Leo passed the most difficult exam in English.
He is called the encyclopedia boy and the little professor. Lev Bondarenko has repeatedly surprised Ukraine with his knowledge.He set 4 national records. Even serious linguistics teachers can envy his knowledge of English, especially considering the boy’s age.

The certification of the 11-year-old Leo took place on the basis of one of the most prestigious Ukrainian schools. In this educational institution, special attention is paid to the study of the English language. And the assessment of knowledge is carried out according to the Cambridge University system.


In order to work, say, as an English teacher, a person needs to know the language at the B2 level. Our hero of today passed the exam at the C2 level. This is the highest level, which is extremely difficult to achieve.

The most surprising thing for the members of the control commission was not even that Leo spoke English fluently, but that the boy studied this language mostly on his own.


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