A dog scares its owners with its human face

Kerry Dokuro from Plymouth (England), was very happy when her namesake Kerry gave birth to two puppies.

The dogs’ names were Ronnie and Reggie. When they were just born, the woman did not even know how unusual they would grow up.

The fact is that Ronnie and Reggie are a mixture of a Staffordshire bull terrier and a shih tzu with a pug.

Such extreme mixing of breeds had a great impact on their appearance. Some even think that the faces of these dogs are a bit anthropomorphic.

Kerry is proud of her unusual dogs and admits that such unusual half-breeds are unlikely to be found anywhere in the world.

Another advantage of Ronnie and Reggie is that they are perfectly amenable to training and behave well both at home and in society.

Sometimes it seems to me that she utters whole words. For example, she knows how to call my mom, » the owner of an atypical couple admits.

Incredible, isn’t it?

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